Comments on this blog

A quick note to outline my goals with community participation on this blog.

Commenters are strongly encouraged to be overly nice, helpful, and positive.

All first time posters are moderated.

If your first time post was never approved it is more likely that WordPress notifications never showed it to me than you were instabanned. Try again!

The following is fine:

  • Compliments
  • Encouragement
  • Questions
  • Suggestions
  • Requests
  • Criticism, especially when backed up by numerate analysis and references

The following will likely result in swift deletion:

  • Insults and abuse
  • Personal attacks
  • Blanket negativity
  • Unintelligible nonsense
  • Stuff that adds more noise than signal
  • Stuff that attracts excessive garbage replies

Let’s build a culture of productive information exchange.